Saturday, 24 January 2015

Hierarchy the Phrase of Open-mindedness

Dominating power is habitually used to control your family and work place. When domination is everywhere, you become over 

conscious to perform. A person generally prefers to follow instructions to avoid troubles.

Usually if an employee is having problem against the system, if it is disclosed, then whole system goes against the employee. In case 

the justification is rational, perhaps there is a rule to safeguard hierarchy process that a subordinate can’t guide seniors.

“The leaders are always right”. If an employee complaints against the system and ask solution, occasionally the employee may be 

handled in such a strange manner that the employee starts to feel lonely and get afraid to perform in that organization. If an 

employee protests against the system, maximum time the top management dictates the person to stop protesting against immediate 


An employee may not feel easy which is going on and may complain to the higher authority of the organization. At that point of time 

the authority may take complain and they have had a tendency to prove the employee as an unprofessional as because the person 

has gone against the system. The authority inquires from time to time that if other employees don’t have the problem with that 

system then “who are you to go against the hierarchy?” 

If the work culture is progressive then everybody can share their ideas and views to expand the system. The control over the man 

power is required for extracting the work output. But new creation can’t be possible in the dominating work place. 

The organization recruits some creative talents and that can be nurtured in an effectual way. The managers should remember 

through their hard stick they can control the man power but they don’t have the supremacy to control over their creative thought.

Controlling is the big task in the organization. An organizational goal can be achieved in that point of time when every employee will 

perform joyfully without having control over their creativity. An organization must have some rules and regulations and an employee 

must respect the mission and vision of the organization.

The organizational goal can be achieved through controlling and developing man power. But controlling the thought process can stop 

spontaneous work flow also. The hierarchy is the expression of progressiveness and every employee should have the right to 

articulate their observation in the system with self-assurance.

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