Monday, 19 October 2015

The feeling that makes a writer write

Writing is the most common means of sharing our knowledge, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves when we write. In today’s time writing is considered as the best stress reliever. According to some book publishing company the writing is the best feeling where you can express your ideas.
Today there are many writers who are writing for many book publishing company or are writing the blogs for the websites Further, it is the stress or the happiness in the life of the writer where he writes well. If you are new writer you may find it difficult or you may struggle with the following:

1)      Writing for readers who have been critical about writings in the past or have different views about your writing.
2)      If you have very limited time for writing.
3)      Writing an assignment which is not related to your life in any manner.
Though, it is assumed that writer should be able to write on any given topic but practically it is sometime difficult for the writers to write in the subject by which they are not related in any manner.
Strategies that Make the Writer Write Well

1)      Support from friends or relatives:  Writing is the expression of ideas. You can choose a friend or family member, a classmate, a teacher, a colleague. Also, share some writing pieces, ideas, writing process, and your success with them. Once you share your writing pieces do not forget to ask about their feedback.
 The best book publisher says that you can join the writing group which provides the support and functions in the same way as writing buddy. These groups provide with readers, deadline to give the work, support, praise, and constructive criticism.
2)      Important To identify your strengths: Most of the writers cannot write on any given topic. So, it becomes important for the person to identify their strength and weakness before writing on any topic. Moreover, make sure to make list of your shortcomings so that you can pay more attention towards them.
3)       Writing is a complex process :  As the writing is the complex process the best writer can contribute their knowledge and what they feel on the given topic. If you are a new writer you may experience some trouble in writing your ideas in the best way. www.onlinegatha. Com provides that writing is the art which comes slow and steadily so you have to write, write and rewrite.
Every writer have different form of writing and expressing his ideas on the given topic. But it is always important that writer must be open to criticism from its readers as the writers always write for the readers to read. The self publishing houses says that the writer must always read the readers comment with the open mind and reply to the reader in the positive way. It is writer only who should take the responsibility to understand the reader view and answer their query in the best possible way.

Top 10 online book publishing company in India

There are many traditional publishing houses but some writers find the online publishing houses more comfortable and inexpensive as compared to traditional ones.
It is always recommended that one must go through the terms and conditions of these houses before giving the manuscripts for the publication.
There are many self publishing houses also which gives you an opportunity to self publish your book where you can get the maximum royalty profit
 Top 10 Ebook publishers are:
 1) Amazon Kindle Store lists more than one million digital books. It supports many formats like PDF (Portable Document Format), Mobipocket. The writers can access the Kindle direct publishing site where they will get every information related to royalty which is 35% approximately.
2) It provides the excellent opportunity for the fiction and non- fiction writers. It provides the opportunity where one can print and sell the books by all the retail channels.
3) in this the writers can publish their religious book, cook books, academic and many other. They provide many services like editing, book promo, scanning and press release. They provide every facility which the writer can't even imagine.
4) : It is the platform which require no investment in inventory and your book will be uploaded online for easy purchase. Further, the book will be also sold on the online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart etc. but, it require 1-2 working days for final approval before your book can be sold.
 5) The self publishing house where the writers can avail every facility under one roof at the affordable prices. also provides an information to the writers that how to publish ebook making easier for the writers to enter the new world of writing.
 6) It is the platform which offers the authors the professional services like formatting, editing and make their dream come true. It is also helps the writes on how to publish ebook.
 7) It provides numerous options like lifestyle, action , animals where you can choose the option and  publish your book  under the category . The only requirement is that you have to get register yourself with their website to get started.
 8) Another online book publishing house. It was established in 2012 and then went on to create a mark in online publishing industry.
 9) It is the online community where you can easily publish the book. It also provides various publishing packages, services and many more promotional services. In this writer can easily upload their book which can be easily available everywhere.
 10) It isone stopdo- it yourself portal where you can reach million readers in 190+ countries. You have to just fill in your e-book details, upload the cover and lastly make an enticing synopsis to attract your readers

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

How to create a perfect environment for writing

The perfect environment is the space where writer can its masterpiece. The first step towards effective writing is to create the environment that fosters productivity.  An ideal environment differs from person to person, as each of them has different comfort and different writing skills.

Some of the writers found their homes or the cafes the place for their perfect writing. It is always important that you feel comfortable and relaxed while writing the content or the blog. There are many books which are available with the book publishing company which tells about the importance of the perfect environment about the writing. There are tips which are available at which provides how one can create the perfect environment for writing.

Factors influencing the Perfect Environment

1)      Location: The ideal writing can only be done in the perfect place, so it becomes important that you choose the perfect location where you can sit and write. Some of the favourite locations for many writers include   the university library, the public library, private studies/lounges in dorms, empty classrooms.  Further, choosing the right location becomes important to write the best work.
According to some best book publisher beds, sofas and couches are not the place for the work as these are meant for getting relaxed.
2)      Atmosphere: The second important factor is the atmosphere. Some people love to work in noise while some prefer to work in the quiet environment. If you love the quiet and relaxed environment then headphones are the best available option for you.
The next important thing is the temperature. Further, try to write the content where the temperature of the room is not too cold or too hot.
According to some self publishing houses you can carry a jacket with you if you love write in the cold weather as you may feel harsh while writing in the cold temperature.
3)      Group Involvement: Some people love to write their content in the group or with friends and some prefer to write in a private. So, to create the perfect environment decides whether you will in the private or in the group where you can get better ideas from other. If you working in the group location, planning, time are the important factors which need to be considered. There are many book publishing company, which prefer writing can only be done in the private. On the other hand says that better writing can be done with friends where you can get more and more ideas.
4)      Resources: One of the most important factors is the resource.  The best book publishers provide that if you work on computer or any other electronic device make sure that you have an internet connection and if you work in library do take care that all the materials like books, notes, papers, highlighters are easily accessible.


Despite all your best effort it may sometime happen that you may not be able to write the best or not be able to pen down your ideas in the right way. So, at that time it is best to sit back and relax for some time.

Monday, 12 October 2015

What social media strategy to adopt for effective freelance book publishing career

Today the social media has become the important part of everyone’s life. It is expanding it horizon in every field from availability of online book publisher to selling the books online and what not. Nowadays there are many websites like who publishes the books for the new writers and provide them the new path of writing. Gone are the days when the writers have to be dependent on the publishing houses to sell their books.

Now with coming up of digital technology everything has been changed starting from publishing houses, writers, booksellers to online book publisher, ebook publisher, proofreaders and writers.
The availability of internet and social media has made the life of both the writers and the readers easy. The writers can easily upload their books on the websites and the readers can download from their thus giving them multiple choice.

Social media is the current iteration of internet which provide for the social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and many other websites.

Benfits Of Social Media

1)      Authors:  Authors can assist publishers in book marketing by increasing their visibility and awareness through social media. Their interaction with followers and friends on sites like Twitter and Facebook ,where they can discuss about the book which is going to be published or has already been published draws the attention of many buyer.
These social media sites can are the best platform for the freelancer writers or the new writers website such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., where they can prove their writing capabilities. Websites like Linkedin and Twitter is the best way of informing the other employer about the qualities

2)      Editors:  Social media is the paramount platform for the editors also who filter, condense and improve upon manuscripts from writers.
Editors participate in conversations with their followers and friends on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook which could also serve as a good source of reference.
 Moreover, social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc. could serve as discussion platforms for some editorial rules on spelling, punctuation and grammar and many others. These editors build their brand through these sites, employment opportunities for freelance editors could be opened.
So, social media acts as a bridge between the writers and the editor giving both of them the good employment opportunity.
3)      Publisher : The online purchases have facilitated the need for publishers to market and sell their products online by using social media platform. It has, therefore, become paramount for publishers to upload their work not only on companies website such as www. but also reach the readers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, YouTube, and other social sites.
Further, publishers can easily sell their work by answering to the queries, complaints on their blogs by readers. The publishers can also offer some discounts to their readers on the bulk purchase or any article or book published by them by any writer.

Social media is the best platform freelancers or for selling the books which are written by new writers.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Top 10 Online Book Publishing Companies in India

1)  Penguin Books India

Penguin India is the most renowned and best online publisher among various publishing houses in India. At Penguin Books India you can get your book published across various range of genre like fiction and non-fiction, short stories, literary, educational etc. It provides best International Print and Digital Distribution services which makes it the best house from all the others.
2) Grapevine India
It is one of the most popular and fastest growing indie publishing houses in India. It is one of the best ebook publishing platforms for fresh authors and helps in building the enduring relationship with authors, distributors and stake holders in industry.
3) Genius Publications
Established in early 2000s, Genius Publications are one of the leading publishers in the market. It is privately owned publishing company dedicated to the global dissemination of information. They standardize the innovation in the work and work closely with authors and editors to publish the most outstanding work
4) Online Gatha
Online Gatha has set the unparalleled standards in the field of publishing. Being the best online publisher, they are also the largest social community for authors as they accord the direct platform to keep in touch with the co-authors. Besides offering transparency in their work, they provide free ebook publishing services.  You can visit to relish their services.

5) S Chand Group
If you are searching for the best publishing house related to educational services, then your search should end on S.Chand group. S.Chand published books are followed by almost each and every student in the country during their academic session whether it is school or college.

6) National Book Trust

This publishing house publishes general reading material which includes fiction, non-fiction, biographies of eminent Indians, contemporary work from Asia and various continents for all age-groups in English and 18 Indian languages.

7) Notion Press

One of the prominent platforms of ebook publishing for the emerging writers is Notion Press. Under this house authors can use free book writing software to write, design and promote their books around the world.

If you want to publish your book you can visit

8) Vikas Publishing House

Leading Indian publishers, Vikas specializes in textbooks and course Material on management computers, engineering and technology.
BS Publications, Pharma Book Syndicate and Ukaaz Publications are the associates of The Book Syndicate publishing house which publish in the field of academics, business, pharmacy etc.

10) Krishna Publication house

This publication house has created its unique image in the world of publishing for over six decades. Over 100 dedicated employees, multiple production facilities, this house continues to deliver quality work nationwide. 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

7 things to keep in mind while writing a horror novel

Detrimental experience gives us tragic consequences which profoundly grows into fear and become horror for us.

1) The Game of mind heart and gut
Strong visualizations of horror dissect our mind, a feel of fear tremble our heart and our guts feel all the leftover surge of emotions. Make sure your horror writing should target its audience in mind, at heart and make fear flow out of the guts to get best result for your work. We at OnlineGatha are the biggest online ebookpublisher and will help your work to reach your audience without any fear.
2) The Untold Mystery
Humans generally don’t want to read what they don’t understand. But the mystery is such a part involved in the books which make it interesting to read. Keep on justifying the horror scenes and wrap mysteries as the story proceeds.
 Starting as a self publisher India, Online Gatha can be a utopian platform for best horror release.
3) Don’t weaken the plot
While maintaining mystery make it sure that plot shouldn’t get weaken by the over suspicious plot. Give subtle hints and revelations as the story proceeds, so that audience doesn’t lose the interest. Let the fire of curiosity remain ignited persuading readers to read until the climax is wrapped at the end. 
4) Trigger the guts
Everyone has some ferocious feelings of fear which is hidden beneath the guts unless somebody catches it and bring it up. Use the props and symbols in the story as it will trigger the possibility in the minds of the readers that horror could come to reality.
5) Extreme pessimism would do it
Extreme pessimism will make the readers believe that this world is like a hell and a devil is the only god to worship. This level of subtle horror is very powerful fear tool to keep the readers alive with goose bumps.
Online Gatha is the emerging publisher over online market surrounded by various subtle ebook publishers.

6) Hold (h) On (o) Pain (p) will End (e)
Using high level of pessimism creates horror at extreme, but in the darkness of fear some hope can play a vital role of light in catching up the interest of the readers till end. The hope that the protagonists can solve the mystery and escape from all the odds in the end against all the odds will hold the readers strong till the book is over.  
7) Subtle acts of horror are much more terrifying than grand displays.
Don’t boast the fear by grand displays, simple and clear acts of horror will be enough to serve the fear of the audience.

Fear is built off of understanding consequences. Being a fresher visit to give a kick start to your work.