Thursday, 1 October 2015

7 things to keep in mind while writing a horror novel

Detrimental experience gives us tragic consequences which profoundly grows into fear and become horror for us.

1) The Game of mind heart and gut
Strong visualizations of horror dissect our mind, a feel of fear tremble our heart and our guts feel all the leftover surge of emotions. Make sure your horror writing should target its audience in mind, at heart and make fear flow out of the guts to get best result for your work. We at OnlineGatha are the biggest online ebookpublisher and will help your work to reach your audience without any fear.
2) The Untold Mystery
Humans generally don’t want to read what they don’t understand. But the mystery is such a part involved in the books which make it interesting to read. Keep on justifying the horror scenes and wrap mysteries as the story proceeds.
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3) Don’t weaken the plot
While maintaining mystery make it sure that plot shouldn’t get weaken by the over suspicious plot. Give subtle hints and revelations as the story proceeds, so that audience doesn’t lose the interest. Let the fire of curiosity remain ignited persuading readers to read until the climax is wrapped at the end. 
4) Trigger the guts
Everyone has some ferocious feelings of fear which is hidden beneath the guts unless somebody catches it and bring it up. Use the props and symbols in the story as it will trigger the possibility in the minds of the readers that horror could come to reality.
5) Extreme pessimism would do it
Extreme pessimism will make the readers believe that this world is like a hell and a devil is the only god to worship. This level of subtle horror is very powerful fear tool to keep the readers alive with goose bumps.
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6) Hold (h) On (o) Pain (p) will End (e)
Using high level of pessimism creates horror at extreme, but in the darkness of fear some hope can play a vital role of light in catching up the interest of the readers till end. The hope that the protagonists can solve the mystery and escape from all the odds in the end against all the odds will hold the readers strong till the book is over.  
7) Subtle acts of horror are much more terrifying than grand displays.
Don’t boast the fear by grand displays, simple and clear acts of horror will be enough to serve the fear of the audience.

Fear is built off of understanding consequences. Being a fresher visit to give a kick start to your work. 

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