Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Choose Unique platform To Publish Ebooks For Free

Hope You all Doing well, This does not need to be say that what we achieve in the recent years Onlinegatha with it is immense endeavor brought the Authors on a stage where they are capable of publishing their E books online for free which did not only raise the status of writing but there is something which lifted up the Literature beyond and more than Words, no doubt we got the worth for it when the famous litterateur were weak on their knee to except the potential of Online gatha. 

Sometimes before the authors were supposed to write and entertain only or even if they were paid that was according to the Monopoly of the publishers, but when internet took the pledge of being on every desk , no longer the monopoly could survive, and this is the reason we strive to make the authors self publisher instead of being dependent on any publisher. Onlinegatha has brought the Unique platform where authors can write and publish Ebooks their seleves. 

This is to ponder that do you get the real worth of your words and writings, perhaps no but , onlinegatha has immense respects for the litterateurs and we provide almost full loyalty from the Books sold by us. We demand nothing except a simple free registration on our website , and there on you are our member and we will be responsible to take care of the stuffs.

Monday, 20 April 2015

publish ebook free in india

Hope you all Litreateur are doing well, we have lot of wishes for you all from Onlinegatha. We can not wait anymore to let you all on the peak of the literary “Everest” where some of the reputed are residing already, then what are you waiting for? Onlinegatha has already got a scope for you where the clouds of Authors floating under sky carrying droplets of transformed meaning words which got lot of meaning inside them , So if you think you also should go to that peak, then take an initiating with onlinegatha without spending a single penny; just be our free member after registering online on our website and you will get amazing world of literature and fun , here you would be directed for every upcoming steps for your success and fame. Getting registered on Onlinegatha you get a free membership , inturn you would be able to access your profile, Post your writings, viewers can read you writings, Books etc. 

online eventually your books get booked and bought though you did nothing to Publish you Ebook but you became a Self publisher of your Book Online and got the royalty 85% of the cost of of your book. So get register on Onlinegatha and Publish your Ebook online and get a new tag ofSelf Publisher, now you can imagine what you saved.. your effort, your prestige, your money which were embezzled by publisher earlier.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Ebook published In India

Hope You all are Doing Great, Onlinegatha wish so for all of our members and readers, we had been campaigning for the years to make the understanding  spiral up that how to get Ebook published free and how to become self publisher free in India, and hope it has made some place in your mind. We don’t emphasize it lot owing some personnel financial or any other kind of beneficiary but we have our pledge to promote the Authors and Writers in our country without making them involved in any such issue which could hamper their headings up and we also got an important  Motto that Indian authors must be vogue in the world that is why we choose the means of internet to do this with our well skilled IT technocrats who has their Great contribution to make you self publisher.

It was in our observation that there are thousands of skills and talents in our country which get their almost life past having their identity oblivion to those who can respond and promote them well from the various point of views that could be recognition or financial, more over and most imperatively once again we like you convince you that we don’t charge for these at all, you just have to make a simple free registration on our website to have your access area on our website there you will be able to write, compose, shrare, like comment and everything you are used to of in other social networking site, doing this will let you have maximum scope of being read and called to you globally , you can also get your EBook published from our side for free in case you got any demand from readers and eventually you became the self Publisher for your Book even you did not move from you chair an inch, we also kept the perspective to make our authors financially strong and stronger by providing the royalty of 85% for every book ordered online of yours. So a question got birth

 what are you thinking and wandering about when you are getting everything free without spending a single penny from your pocket and this is what which never has been provided by any other means or company but we are here to make you selfpublisher having your free Ebook published In India.

Friday, 10 April 2015

How to Use Onlinegatha Ebook Publisher platform

Hope You all Genius Doing Well and same we wish to, Onlinegatha would not tire of making deliveries of information and awakening to the E book publishing till we get the authors grab the ideas we are imparting for years, our aim is to derive the maximum output from the input fed by your Pen and that is what stand for calculable efficiency and excels of result, it does not any mean to have simple result only because each and every action has a reaction(Newton) so it is obvious the result is yours but in what sense that depends.., but what special you and we have made for something special, the problem is the only persisting with the traditional paradigm, it is not the motive to say that we should leave the traditions but apart from keeping the value of tradition and culture we must embrace the new generation principles also so as to ensure our liveliness in this fast moving ball(World) which in no case going to be harmful rather it may endow wealth as well Vogue much faster than before.

We have derived an ultimate solution for the authors, our IT professionals have developed a panache way to introduce you all over the web, yes that is a big portal where various authors from all over India are already registered and received their Profits. This portal cum social website let the authors express their ideas online; authors can also upload the books and can get their E-Book published without spending a penny. You also get a platform where you can interact to your readers and authors online through the instant chat, like and comment etc as it uses to be in social websites, to have all these access you are required to

The most imperative thing which I would like to tell you all that all sevices mentioned above are provided free of cost; all the above entertaining services you can get following simple steps:
1>      Get  registered free to our website.
2>      Receive Email regarding login details.
3>      Click on the link there in Email.
4>      Login with your Login Details
5>      Congratulation now it is all yours now.

So after passing through these simple steps you will become our free member, without spending a single coin. Rather on for each EBook published  you will get 85% royalty from us.So get your Ebook published free of cost and become Self publisher in India after registering with us, The Broad  Platform to get vogue.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Hire Best company to Publish Free Ebooks

OnlineGatha has a Good News for our authors, Poets and Writers, we are now touching  good rank over Google while searched, which does means that you are now got more vogue on the Globe. As you all know we are the company offering free Book publishing Online in India, but in some different way, that is we demand nothing from you as membership neither we have any oblivion policies to bother you but it is Totally free.

We have imparted an online solution for all those problems you all were facing till now like how to Get your E-book publish, we offer a broad panel of every author where they can write and publish their article, books etc without wasting a single penny and looking forward for any publisher to do this for them, this scheme eventually makes you the Self Publisher . We also made some innovation beyond convention to make all our authors interacted through our portal where they can share their view and ideas to each other, also they can chat instantly as it happens on other social websites. 

We would like to make you sure once again that we don’t have any charges or hidden charges for our membership nevertheless we don’t charge but we offer 85% as royalty for your E-Bookpublished. Now don’t think much get nodded to our portal for free and get you recognition broader and Earn as much as you deserve.

Friday, 3 April 2015

start publishing Free Ebook

Onlinegatha is again amongst you to present few points Combing how to get the maximum worth  and how to be vogue getting rid of old Book publishing prevalence. We agree and strongly recommend abiding by our culture and literature, but not the way as it used to be rather we must accomplish the same with some modern and panache in our trends, this all about becoming Self Publisher and Get your free Ebook publishing membership for RS 0/-,  wondering who is offering this all? Yes this is Onlinegatha Free EBook Publishing Company in India. 

As we have been campaigning for years for our Free Online EBook publishing Company in India, this should not be meant as any of our proficiency in this Ad, we just have one aim to promote out heritage and this what has been stringently determined our engineering team to let it on the peak of the vogue and to let this artist earn what they deserve to , often it has been seen that the authors has to rely on Big Publisher to have their good reputation in the market, to get rid of these dependencies our program let you be Self Publisher without investing a single penny we assure, you just have to make a favor of being a member on our website .. don’t worry  neither we charge for registration nor we have any hidden policies regarding this means we keep nothing oblivion to you everything is Transparent like you Words in Your Books