Monday, 30 March 2015

How to publish 1000 copy of E-Book

Onlinegatha hopes you all doing well, we are trying to impart some words about the frequently asked questions to us i.e. How to publish 1000 copy of E-Book, How to become self Publisher, How can we become self Publisher etc.
 This is what the again we are here to explain this more explicitly In precise.It has passed with the deep observation that many of the authors has lot of written stuffs scattered non organized which in no way going to make any profit, so it is better to let  those written stuffs reach to the threshold of the readers and those who are waiting and relish to have them, Looking for publishers to get them financer is not good idea as they do not take the risk with new or less popular. 

Onlinegatha  has brought a digital solution for this problem, where you can get your few or more or nay numbers of copies you wish published after having free registration on our E-book publishing portal. There are many FAQs involving how to publish my E-Book? , it means there are several writers who have their E-Book but they can’t find a good publisher, So it does not matter for us how few books you wish to be published, we are here to get them publish online and offline, many of the Book Publishers do not consider the little famous authors, but it not the case with us ,

 as we think it our part of job to let you recognize over the Globe and neither we have the issue how little known author you are. Another Question we reviewed from from the visitors , How to self publish? Becoming a self publisher was not easy or impossible we can say, but a decade ago, not now it has been made possible now on Onlinegatha Free EBook Publisher , here we provide you the broad accessibility to compose your stuffs, let them share over onlinegatha community and on other social medias, also we let you interact with the viewers along with their comment on your articles, books, poetry etc.

 once they are interested to buy it we are here to handle these all cumbersome on our soldiers , we take the order online and get your book published, eventually you got your 85% of your royalty for your books published from us, so we can say that you published your E-Book being a self Publisher over onlinegatha E-Book Publish Company. For all these we expect not a single penny from you but only a free registration on our website. Hope You are stepping up for the registration.

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