Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Why use Onlinegatha Ebook publishing platform

The Onlinegatha team is very grateful having the support from the famous authors and being part of free E-Book publishing company in India i.e. Onlinegatha. We are self publishing company with a large E-bookportal running over the internet , from the very beginning Onlinegatha has an aim to let the authors explore their view over the internet instead of confining them over the plains of paper, eventually we succeed in building a broad bridge between Authors and readers.

We believe that the Literature is our heritage and authors are the heirs of that literature who have dedicated a long era for this without looking over any personal profit for it, but Onlinegatha has brought a royalty program of 80% for our Authors, poets and thinkers and inturn we demand nothing except your free membership over our website, and we assure this offer is not promotional this will persist as long as you are our member, this is meticulousness which makes us distinct from others and eventually Onlinegatha is one of the leading  ebook publishing company in  India. The Crux of the article is that why to confine your precious skill over the plain of papers, why not to let those read for whom you have written!,

keeping this very knotted purpose I our mind we have very stringent determination to not let your Words speechless and worthless instead to spread the fragrance of the word to the eyes  of the readers who relish and respect them. So be our part free of cost and Onlinegatha assures you to pay the worth of your Words.


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