Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Authors! Whom are you writing for

It is the very tricky question which every writer has to face sooner or later that for whom they are writing for, they are writing for themselves or for other readers. After thinking for a while the answer to this question can be arrived that the writing is for both myself and for the others.
Many writers gets immense satisfaction in writing for themselves and the stories they write are their personal experiences.

While many authors wanted to have fame in writing so they write the books which are read by others.
It is you who have to decide whether you have to write for yourself or for others. There is no harm in either option. You have to just sit back and think upon your goals that which path you truly want to follow.
Every author have different opinion for the question whom they are writing for or who is their target audience whether they are writing for women, or for children or on any other subject. But it is always important that before writing you must consider this important question.
 There are different benefits or the satisfaction in writing for yourself or for others.
Writing for Yourself
1)      Reduces Self – Censorship: If you are writing for yourself you need not to worry about the criticism. You can write freely what comes to your mind.
2)      Writing is Fun: Writing for yourself is always fun as there is no person whom you want to impress by your writing and in that way writing becomes fun .
3)       Helps To Be Unique: When you are writing for yourself you can take risks, try out unexpected and write more interesting ideas. All this helps your writing to be unique in every sense and area.
4)      Honest Result: You can easily write what you have dreamt of whether the dream you dreamt was weird. You don’t have to hide your true feelings as the writing will be only with you and you don’t have to give to any book publishing company to publish them.
All these are the reasons when one can only think to write for yourself. As writing for yourself gives immense pleasure and satisfaction.  There are many other reasons also for which you can write for others:
1)      Better Story: Writing for other will help in giving the better story. If you want to connect with the readers you always have to understand what they want and have to move forward from art to craft.
2)      Give you Self Confidence: It is not always that what you writing will always be loved and liked by the readers. You have to always be ready for the negative comments but all these comments should not demoralize your confidence.
3)      Monetary Benefits: Writing for others is always gainful. As there are many book selling company who sells the book through bookstores or upload the book on website like www.onlinegatha.com by which your is available to thousands of people for reading.

Writing for whom is the important question which you must consider before writing a novel or a book. You can write for either for yourself and for the readers.

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