Monday, 19 October 2015

The feeling that makes a writer write

Writing is the most common means of sharing our knowledge, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves when we write. In today’s time writing is considered as the best stress reliever. According to some book publishing company the writing is the best feeling where you can express your ideas.
Today there are many writers who are writing for many book publishing company or are writing the blogs for the websites Further, it is the stress or the happiness in the life of the writer where he writes well. If you are new writer you may find it difficult or you may struggle with the following:

1)      Writing for readers who have been critical about writings in the past or have different views about your writing.
2)      If you have very limited time for writing.
3)      Writing an assignment which is not related to your life in any manner.
Though, it is assumed that writer should be able to write on any given topic but practically it is sometime difficult for the writers to write in the subject by which they are not related in any manner.
Strategies that Make the Writer Write Well

1)      Support from friends or relatives:  Writing is the expression of ideas. You can choose a friend or family member, a classmate, a teacher, a colleague. Also, share some writing pieces, ideas, writing process, and your success with them. Once you share your writing pieces do not forget to ask about their feedback.
 The best book publisher says that you can join the writing group which provides the support and functions in the same way as writing buddy. These groups provide with readers, deadline to give the work, support, praise, and constructive criticism.
2)      Important To identify your strengths: Most of the writers cannot write on any given topic. So, it becomes important for the person to identify their strength and weakness before writing on any topic. Moreover, make sure to make list of your shortcomings so that you can pay more attention towards them.
3)       Writing is a complex process :  As the writing is the complex process the best writer can contribute their knowledge and what they feel on the given topic. If you are a new writer you may experience some trouble in writing your ideas in the best way. www.onlinegatha. Com provides that writing is the art which comes slow and steadily so you have to write, write and rewrite.
Every writer have different form of writing and expressing his ideas on the given topic. But it is always important that writer must be open to criticism from its readers as the writers always write for the readers to read. The self publishing houses says that the writer must always read the readers comment with the open mind and reply to the reader in the positive way. It is writer only who should take the responsibility to understand the reader view and answer their query in the best possible way.

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