Monday, 19 October 2015

Top 10 online book publishing company in India

There are many traditional publishing houses but some writers find the online publishing houses more comfortable and inexpensive as compared to traditional ones.
It is always recommended that one must go through the terms and conditions of these houses before giving the manuscripts for the publication.
There are many self publishing houses also which gives you an opportunity to self publish your book where you can get the maximum royalty profit
 Top 10 Ebook publishers are:
 1) Amazon Kindle Store lists more than one million digital books. It supports many formats like PDF (Portable Document Format), Mobipocket. The writers can access the Kindle direct publishing site where they will get every information related to royalty which is 35% approximately.
2) It provides the excellent opportunity for the fiction and non- fiction writers. It provides the opportunity where one can print and sell the books by all the retail channels.
3) in this the writers can publish their religious book, cook books, academic and many other. They provide many services like editing, book promo, scanning and press release. They provide every facility which the writer can't even imagine.
4) : It is the platform which require no investment in inventory and your book will be uploaded online for easy purchase. Further, the book will be also sold on the online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart etc. but, it require 1-2 working days for final approval before your book can be sold.
 5) The self publishing house where the writers can avail every facility under one roof at the affordable prices. also provides an information to the writers that how to publish ebook making easier for the writers to enter the new world of writing.
 6) It is the platform which offers the authors the professional services like formatting, editing and make their dream come true. It is also helps the writes on how to publish ebook.
 7) It provides numerous options like lifestyle, action , animals where you can choose the option and  publish your book  under the category . The only requirement is that you have to get register yourself with their website to get started.
 8) Another online book publishing house. It was established in 2012 and then went on to create a mark in online publishing industry.
 9) It is the online community where you can easily publish the book. It also provides various publishing packages, services and many more promotional services. In this writer can easily upload their book which can be easily available everywhere.
 10) It isone stopdo- it yourself portal where you can reach million readers in 190+ countries. You have to just fill in your e-book details, upload the cover and lastly make an enticing synopsis to attract your readers

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