Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Are self book publishers harming financially to the traditional publishers in India

Self book publishing has grown exponentially in the past few years but still 60% of the writers are not aware of the self publishing facts in India so it depends on which side you are a part of.

Self book publishing has vastly helped the young and the newbies to come up and let their work explore to the world of readers. They have given every author a belief that your write-ups can also be a part of  this huge internet protocols of eBook publishing. As author you now do not have to wait for the replies from the publishers and you can yourself now indulge into the cover designing , editing and submitting the book for approval to get it published.

Earlier, publishing the book was the dream come true. These days with the rise of laptops,computers, lap tab and the launch of self publication houses like OnlineGatha, it is easier for any author to publish their own book. The best part of these publication houses is that you do not have to make huge investments and the hard copies are made only on demand. Further, the book will be available to the readers online.

But here is the big question how many of self published authors make money or in simple words do self published authors make money at all ?

There are some real facts from the reports of Huffingtonpost
– For new, young authors less than 25% are able to sell more than 100 copies of their eBooks in a month.
– Close to 50% of all authors sell less than 10 eBooks per month.
So overall it justifies a very important answer to a question I raised above that its not at all surprising that why authors are not just relying on their book writing skills to server their livelihood and I guess you know the answer now.
It’s not surprising to see online book publishing in India feeling the heat of being abused for not being professionals in their part.

So what to do when you are self publishing a book in India??

1)Once your manuscript is ready, give the manuscript to your friends and relatives. As themfor their genuine feedback on the book and most importantly be open to the negative comments also.

2)You must hire the editor or the proof-reader, who can give the reading to your manuscript and make the changes accordingly.

3)You must choose the right publishing house for your book. As there are many publishing houses which make the fake promises but the OnlineGatha has most satisfied writers so choosing it will give you the value for money.

4) You must narrate your manuscript because a large majority of slush pile manuscripts are discarded from online book publishers in india simply because they’re not ready. Also a important question that what are things required for traditional  book publishers like penguin publisher india , macmillan publisher india , fiction book publishers in india ,school book publishers in india, hindi book publishers in india  , technical book publisher in indiaetc.

Here is a brief check list to make once you are moving to self publications :

·Check that your chapters are correctly numbered/titled.

·Read through each at least three times changing any incorrect punctuation ,grammar and sentence construction.

·  Be on the lookout for past tense and present tense errors (editors hate these.)

·  When you read each chapter, try reading out loud imagining that you are at a      book signing in a big store. This will make you more aware of mistakes.

 Try videoing yourself reading your work. Then play it back and listen to it with a critical ear.

·Have you eliminated all unnecessary characters, plotlines and words? Remove anything unnecessary to the story as you need it to move fairly swiftly or you will most likely lose your reader.

·Never assume it’s ready just because you finished retelling the story that was in your head.

What about what might be in the readers head? Did you communicate the story that you conceived, well? Or will the reader be left with more questions than answers? Think about the connection points between events and characters. They need to be clear and well timed.

Maybe the protagonist needs introduced at an earlier stage? Maybe you need to hint at the motives of the main villain or round out the character of the heroines love interest? Make them see what you see.

· Remember he or she probably has thousands of potential novels lying on their desk. Make yours STAND OUT. Do not have excessively long introductory chapters or opening paragraphs.

Use your words like bullets or arrows. Use them to drive home your point quickly and efficiently. Grab their attention. Do not say in twenty words what could be said in ten.

·Beware of changing styles part way through. Be consistent. If you have chosen a character driven plot or a story driven plot, ensure that you have stuck to that. Changing part way through will muddy the waters and annoy your reader. The same goes for your writing style. If you start out descriptive, stick to it. If you narrate, narrate.

Here I am providing you a list of certain book publishers in india :








9) (amazon self publishing unit)


Wednesday, 6 January 2016

How To Self Publish Your Book

In the past year, if you are the new author and had to publish your book then it was the one of the difficult task. You had to meet the publishers around and had to tell them about the book you wrote. Then, it was to be there decision whether they want your book to be published or not. Then, in that time the authors had basically these 3 options if they had to get their book published:
1)      You have to send your manuscript to the publishing house and if you are lucky then the editor might take your book for publishing. In this case you have to pay the huge amount in advance and had to sign the contract as well.
2)      You have to give the manuscript to the bookseller and if he is the good agent then he will show the book to the right person at the right time. He will also charge the money for it.
3)      You can also get the book published in any press which will take huge sum and can return the copies to you , if the copies are not sold out.

That, time the publishing the book was the dream come true. These days with the rise of laptops, computers, lap tab and the launch of self publication houses like onlinegatha, it is easier for any author to publish their own book. The best part of these publication houses is that you do not have to make huge investments and the hard copies are made only on demand. Further, the book will be available to the readers online.

Things You Must Keep In Mind
There are some of the important things which you must keep in mind before you give the book to onlinegatha for publishing
1)      Once your manuscript is ready, give the manuscript to your friends and relatives. As them for their genuine feedback on the book and most importantly be open to the negative comments also.
2)      You must hire the editor or the proof-reader, who can give the reading to your manuscript and make the changes accordingly.

3)      You must choose the right publishing house for your book. As there are many publishing houses which make the fake promises but the onlinegatha has most satisfied writers so choosing it will give you the value for money.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

5 Ideas to promote your book like a pro

Once you have written the book now it’s time to start promoting it. You have invested money, time and love writing it, so it becomes your responsibility to promote your book like a pro. There are many authors who start writing the book but are less authors who finishes their book.

How To Promote your Book
In this digital era it becomes very important for the author that he creates the platform or build his online presence where he can reach thousands of people. You must connect to them through twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and tell them about the book.
Further, make the blogs and start answering the questions of the readers and make your book public. This way you are able to tell the readers about your book or make the platform for the book and promoting the book.
You can also make your own website where you can attract more and more readers to read and buy your book.

These are other 5 ideas which will help you to promote your book:
1)      Always begin Early: It is considered as most powerful and essential step when it comes to promoting of the book. You should always start as early as possible. As writing the book is a long process, so you must build the network of supporters and reviewers. You must always keep the track of the people you meet and pay special attention to them. All these people will help you in writing the best book by giving you the best examples.
If possible you must bring all these people together after you have signed the contract for the book and given the publisher the manuscript for publishing the book.
2)      Write a Remarkable Book: Before giving the book to the publisher you must give the manuscript to all the friends and ask them to give the honest feedback about how they like you book. It will be kind of word of mouth publicity where one person will read it and tell other to buy the same book. It is the best book promotion idea where you are promoting the book and also getting true reviews about your book.
3)      Make Videos: You must make the video for about 5 minutes highlighting the key ideas of the book and upload on the websites like youtube, jumpcut, ourmedia, Vimeo, vSocial and many more.
4)      Organise the Conference: Prior introducing the book in the market you must organise the conference and have the confidence in speaking in that and telling about your book. You must also make presentation which will help the people to understand more about your book. You must also take some questions from the audience which will give them better understanding of your book.
5)      Email: Always hire the organizers which will give you best book marketing by sending thousands of email to the people and try to review your book through their newsletter.
As an author it is your responsibility to promote your book and make it possible that your reaches thousands of people and you become the best author. There are many best ebook publisher which will help you in promoting your book.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

How to write non fiction promotional books for companies

Today everyone is dependent on the internet for their book promotional activities. Everyone want the book to be reached in every corner of the world so that every person can read it.
 Everything today is dependent that how you market your book online. If the marketing strategy is not up to the mark, then the book might lose all its target audience.
Every time the new book is written all its success or failure is dependent that how the promotion is done.
Here are few tips which will help in promoting the books for the companies:

1)      Book Description : the entire marketing is dependent on having how the book is sold ? was it well written ? Where the book will be available – ebook, printed book or both? Always think about these questions from reader’s point of view and all the answers to these questions will help you together the information. Then identify the  books that are similar to your book and describe how your book is different from them. Always tell the unique advantage that the reader gets by reading your book.  Lastly tell the mission or the motivation which motivated you to write the book.
2)      Authors Detail : Make the author as an ambassador because he the major person and the product his written by him. Tell the audience more and more about the author and his previous writing so that audience start creating the interest in his book. Always try to connect with the target audience by telling the authors background like from which club he is associated? His likes, dislikes and many more.
3)      Launch the Website : Website is considered the essential part to build an audience where you can share the work, show the accomplishments and also attract the media and other book publishing company.
4)      Blog : making the blog is another attractive option for promotion of the book. Always update the blog might be thrice a week and to start with is the good option.
5)      Online Partners : Find the online partners who can find the target audience and also publish the articles on each other’s website or host an event or promote with social media.
6)      Social Media : Sites like Facebook, twitter and linkedin are the recent social media sites to build the platform. Create an interesting profile and always be active to interact with the people. Try to share interesting content which is related to the book so that the curiosity arises within the audience.
7)      Be Herd Everywhere: Marketing is all about hearing about the book everywhere in the media, newspaper and social media websites. Participate in more and more conferences, public meetings where you can give the gist of the book. This will help in promotion of the book .

There are some websites like who gives an to write an article about the non fiction books. Here you can write the article which is read by many readers as it is the largest online social community.

Monday, 7 December 2015

10 things you did not know about book publishing

The time has drastically changed when it comes to book publishing. Now, every author wants to make his books available to large number of people for reading. This is very much possible in this era, as it the internet era. Every book is available online and can be downloaded from there very easily.
Today, no writer or author is dependent on traditional PR to sell their books and can be uploaded on Onlinegatha, Flip kart or Amazon. Further, now the social media like Facebook and twitter are also of great help. You can easily, tell the people about your book which help you to reach more and more people can be interested in your book. This gives the book more publicity and more readers.
But still there some most important thing which you must know when you publish your first book and there are these things which you did not know about book publishing:
1)      The most important is the meeting of the publishing house and the sales person. In this they will decide about the copies of the books to be released in the market. This meeting will be the private affair and you won’t be allowed to attend this meeting.
2)      Do not always take the other authors as your competitor. Sometime be funny, smart to answer their questions after all they are your friends.
3)      Don’t be nervous or disheartened, if your book is not in the list of best seller. You have more time to improve yourself as the main aim is to make a carrier in writing and not to impress people.
4)      If you are a female writer always be prepared to answer the questions which may be related to your personal life like family supports in writing of the books, about children and many more.
5)      If any reader does not like your book, then it’s not your responsibility to convince them to like your book.
6)      If before giving the book to publisher, you can see the flaws in them just correct them and then only give it for publication. But, if you cannot correct the flaws do not give the book until all the mistakes are removed.
7)      Always feel lucky that you are writer as these are the books only which bring enjoyment, happiness and comfort in the life of the people.
8)      Make sure that you don’t forget to congratulate the other person, if you feel happy after reading his book.
9)      Sometime, you may not be interested in answering the question, in that case you can always say that you are a freelancer and you will be saved from answering lot of question.
10)  Don’t always go by the sales data provided by the publishing house as there may be times good books sell well and sometimes not.


It is the important aspect to choose the best book publisher and seller to sell your book, if you want to sell the books through traditional stores. It is you who have to decide what you need to write and for this you do not need anyone rejection or permission.

Friday, 6 November 2015

How to Market Books Online – Free & Paid Tips, Techniques and Hacks

Though it is very difficult to write a book, it’s harder to promote and market it in front of the readers but it’s the most important task to make your book the best-seller. The hard work over marketing the book starts as soon as you plan to write one because it is a tedious task and requires strategy and networking and planning. So even before your book is published there shall be an air in the market about the book that is about to come. Now that the technology has advanced so much that the books are not just hard copy and paper based, the e-published books are available as well you need to figure out the ways where you market your book for both the types available to the readers. The book shall be published online by an Ebook publisher while for the hard copies there can be an independent book publisher or you can be a self-publisher.
Also, you should fix the budget that you’re ready to spend on marketing, publishing the books. You can reduce the cost of publishing by being a self publisher as an independent book publisher charges high.

There can be various ways to market your book online, few of them being:
1. Mouth Publicity- Nothing travels faster than the word of mouth or hear-say things. Thus people should be talking about it and there shall be whispers about the book even before it’s launched for which you need to create curiosity amongst the readers either by putting biography of the author which is interesting or put events that catch attention.
2. Target Audience-Even before you write a book you shall know your target audience and who’d you think you writing the book for, who’d invest their time n money in buying and reading your book and thus they shall be approached through various social platforms online or offline.
3. Social Networking- In today’s world, irrespective what age group you belong to, you definitely use social networking mediums to stay updated, to stay in touch, to stay close etc. use this for your benefit and keep them updated about what’s coming and how is it going ti impact their lives.
4. Reasonably available- The book shall be available as easily as possible at the local vendors, online shopping sites, book stores, ebooks etc. Also, an ebook can be provided free of cost or cheaper to promote it better for which an ebook-publisher can be a great help.
5. Press Release- Press release is a rather fancy but very effective idea where the reports talk to you about your book and you can express yourself and convey your message to the audience through them.

While marketing a book you can be as creative as you want and the innovative you are the better it is but these are the five major steps that you shouldn’t miss upon to be able to circulate your book in the market. I hope you get benefitted with the article. Happy writing

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Authors! Whom are you writing for

It is the very tricky question which every writer has to face sooner or later that for whom they are writing for, they are writing for themselves or for other readers. After thinking for a while the answer to this question can be arrived that the writing is for both myself and for the others.
Many writers gets immense satisfaction in writing for themselves and the stories they write are their personal experiences.

While many authors wanted to have fame in writing so they write the books which are read by others.
It is you who have to decide whether you have to write for yourself or for others. There is no harm in either option. You have to just sit back and think upon your goals that which path you truly want to follow.
Every author have different opinion for the question whom they are writing for or who is their target audience whether they are writing for women, or for children or on any other subject. But it is always important that before writing you must consider this important question.
 There are different benefits or the satisfaction in writing for yourself or for others.
Writing for Yourself
1)      Reduces Self – Censorship: If you are writing for yourself you need not to worry about the criticism. You can write freely what comes to your mind.
2)      Writing is Fun: Writing for yourself is always fun as there is no person whom you want to impress by your writing and in that way writing becomes fun .
3)       Helps To Be Unique: When you are writing for yourself you can take risks, try out unexpected and write more interesting ideas. All this helps your writing to be unique in every sense and area.
4)      Honest Result: You can easily write what you have dreamt of whether the dream you dreamt was weird. You don’t have to hide your true feelings as the writing will be only with you and you don’t have to give to any book publishing company to publish them.
All these are the reasons when one can only think to write for yourself. As writing for yourself gives immense pleasure and satisfaction.  There are many other reasons also for which you can write for others:
1)      Better Story: Writing for other will help in giving the better story. If you want to connect with the readers you always have to understand what they want and have to move forward from art to craft.
2)      Give you Self Confidence: It is not always that what you writing will always be loved and liked by the readers. You have to always be ready for the negative comments but all these comments should not demoralize your confidence.
3)      Monetary Benefits: Writing for others is always gainful. As there are many book selling company who sells the book through bookstores or upload the book on website like by which your is available to thousands of people for reading.

Writing for whom is the important question which you must consider before writing a novel or a book. You can write for either for yourself and for the readers.