Thursday, 10 December 2015

How to write non fiction promotional books for companies

Today everyone is dependent on the internet for their book promotional activities. Everyone want the book to be reached in every corner of the world so that every person can read it.
 Everything today is dependent that how you market your book online. If the marketing strategy is not up to the mark, then the book might lose all its target audience.
Every time the new book is written all its success or failure is dependent that how the promotion is done.
Here are few tips which will help in promoting the books for the companies:

1)      Book Description : the entire marketing is dependent on having how the book is sold ? was it well written ? Where the book will be available – ebook, printed book or both? Always think about these questions from reader’s point of view and all the answers to these questions will help you together the information. Then identify the  books that are similar to your book and describe how your book is different from them. Always tell the unique advantage that the reader gets by reading your book.  Lastly tell the mission or the motivation which motivated you to write the book.
2)      Authors Detail : Make the author as an ambassador because he the major person and the product his written by him. Tell the audience more and more about the author and his previous writing so that audience start creating the interest in his book. Always try to connect with the target audience by telling the authors background like from which club he is associated? His likes, dislikes and many more.
3)      Launch the Website : Website is considered the essential part to build an audience where you can share the work, show the accomplishments and also attract the media and other book publishing company.
4)      Blog : making the blog is another attractive option for promotion of the book. Always update the blog might be thrice a week and to start with is the good option.
5)      Online Partners : Find the online partners who can find the target audience and also publish the articles on each other’s website or host an event or promote with social media.
6)      Social Media : Sites like Facebook, twitter and linkedin are the recent social media sites to build the platform. Create an interesting profile and always be active to interact with the people. Try to share interesting content which is related to the book so that the curiosity arises within the audience.
7)      Be Herd Everywhere: Marketing is all about hearing about the book everywhere in the media, newspaper and social media websites. Participate in more and more conferences, public meetings where you can give the gist of the book. This will help in promotion of the book .

There are some websites like who gives an to write an article about the non fiction books. Here you can write the article which is read by many readers as it is the largest online social community.

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