Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Choose Unique platform To Publish Ebooks For Free

Hope You all Doing well, This does not need to be say that what we achieve in the recent years Onlinegatha with it is immense endeavor brought the Authors on a stage where they are capable of publishing their E books online for free which did not only raise the status of writing but there is something which lifted up the Literature beyond and more than Words, no doubt we got the worth for it when the famous litterateur were weak on their knee to except the potential of Online gatha. 

Sometimes before the authors were supposed to write and entertain only or even if they were paid that was according to the Monopoly of the publishers, but when internet took the pledge of being on every desk , no longer the monopoly could survive, and this is the reason we strive to make the authors self publisher instead of being dependent on any publisher. Onlinegatha has brought the Unique platform where authors can write and publish Ebooks their seleves. 

This is to ponder that do you get the real worth of your words and writings, perhaps no but , onlinegatha has immense respects for the litterateurs and we provide almost full loyalty from the Books sold by us. We demand nothing except a simple free registration on our website , and there on you are our member and we will be responsible to take care of the stuffs.

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