Thursday, 18 June 2015

Self Publishing India

Hope You Doing Well, OnlineGatha is here to commence the time to felicitate the authors who have been  inheriting the Great literature in their veins and eventually that transformed into words to impart profound pump and show having a contact to reader’s eye ball. 

We are doing something different abstaining ourselves from the conventional publishing system, Yes you thought correct!! we don’t charge for publishing the books as we don’t do anything because you are the Self Ebook publisher as soon as you join us having free registration (No Hidden Charges), till now it used not to be easy for any author to get their Ebook published but OnlineGatha has breached these conventions to promote the literature and to let them touch the floating clouds of dreams under the sky of reality from the very turf which has moreover made it unbelievable but this has been made true by us. 

We laid a great emphasize to let the monopoly of the publishers down their knee after introducing the self book publishing facility via our easy going website where authors are required to book a simple free registration having a soft click over a small button, and eventually this click makes Self Publishing India, a truly independent world of authors right from thinking to publishing.

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