Tuesday, 28 July 2015

How To Sell Online Book

This is to felicitate you that Again OnlineGatha is here with a profound platform experienced ever to become self publisher with a tweak, the best thing on the way is that we don’t charge  for this and that is absolutely free, moreover many prominent services  are given free to authors from our side .  OnlineGata has been serving the litterateurs for more than 6 years and has played a vital role in the Literature upliftment , and this is the reason we are now one of the leading publishers in India.

Why Onlinegatha ?? : This is the very first question get birth in the mind before choosing Us among various publishers in India, we have been preferred of being offering Major services free, and if charged that is minimal and the most imperative point for our privilege is that we have a very good ranking  on Google , eventually it makes the probability more higher to be hit and viewed , as soon as we are clicked our register authors are also seen and contacted and this makes the crux that your books are on the top probability of being booked and bought.

How We Promote you: There are several means of promotion and the most prominent we use is the Digital marketing , social marketing and some others. As discussed earlier OnlineGatha got a very good ranking over google also the hit rate has grown exponentially in the recent years, so it makes easy to promote you and your books over the internet with fewer efforts.
We promote the Books and authors over the various digital means as well as Social medias by our Digital marketing Experts.
Being an author is neither enough nor The end line, if you have something then Do explore it digitally raising yourself from conventional system of Publishing and advertisement as these methods are almost deprecated and if not so, these ways have gone unusual.
Want to Join Us?

Being our member is very simple , easy and priceless. No bunch of forms only essential information is required to fill up  and as soon as you click over the button you are our member, going on this way you would receive An email regarding the confirmation and carrying your Login details, These details will lead you to the Brand Social Networking of Onlinegatha where you will be able to Post your Articles, Books , comments , like and everything with your connected friend over OnlineGatha Community, you would be able to Publish Your E-Book there for yourself , so do these small tweaks and have the membership of one of the top  ebook publishing company in India for free.

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